Digital Graphic Solutions has ex-demo stock of the Handtop HT2412 and Handtop HT1610
Ex-demo Handtop HT2412
$55,000.00 +GST
Ex-demo Handtop HT1610
$35,000.00 +GST
The Handtop UV range of flatbed printers deliver elegant simplicity of design and functionality backed with the highest quality components and technical support.
With a head clearance of 50mm, you can now enter into almost any graphical market imaginable having the ability to produce beautiful flawless graphics again, and again, and again onto almost anything.
Print directly onto 
Wood - Tiles - Banner - Vinyl - Glass - Foam board - Marble - Granite - Plastic

 - Prototypes - POS - Signage - Promotion products - Awards - Gifts - Name badges, etc. 
    Limited only by your imagination. 

     Versatile and thoughtfully designed in three sizes.




    Variable Dot Print Technology
    Using the latest high quality Ricoh G5 print heads delivering drop sizes, 7 - 14 - 21 pico-lifer and a print resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi.
    Configurable to use from 2 - 8 print heads (2 - 4 on HG1610 and HG1600).

    Colour Options
    UV curable inks available:
    Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black - Light Cyan - Light Magenta - White - Varnish.

    Head Protection
    Built in guard rail to protect the print heads from damage incase of media movement or lifting.

    Print onto almost anything imaginable. The Handtop flatbed range of UV printers allows for substrates of up to 100mm to be placed onto the print bed. Making it possible to provide tradition direct printed signage and also more experimental forms of graphical displays.

    Accurate Alignment
    Retractable alignment pins allow for consistent and accurate alignment when replacing media.

    Split Vacuum System
    Isolate the vacuum in sections of the print bed allowing easy setup of varying sizes of material without the need to manually block portions with scrap material..

    Mercury Vapor UV Curing Lamps
    Providing instant curing of the UV ink in both directions of the carriage travel.

    ONYX Thrive workflow software is a scalable print production solution based on Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology.
    With the built in Pantone® colour library, Quick Sets™ and Smart 16 bit™ processing, ONYX Thrive will deliver amazing colour and consistent through put evert time.

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