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With over 125 years of world class engineering and support behind the AEG brand, you can be sure that all AEG Voyager Pro printers have been built to provide many years of faultless service.
We know that there's only ever one chance to make a good first impression - which is why the launch series of combination printers have not only been designed to impress, but will also help you to impress others. From outstanding build quality to consistent high quality output. The AEG Voyager Pro offers an easy to use UV printing solution.

UV Lamps for Greater Adhesion 
The AEG combination UV printer incorporates two mercury vapour lamps providing outstanding bond to a wide range of rigid and flexible substrates. An almost silent shutter system removes the annoying 'click clack' normally associated UV printers that use mercury vapour lamps with shutters.
Easily transition from roll to roll stock to rigid materials with sturdy roll-in tables. The tables provide support for long sheets of varying substrates, maintaing a flat surface as the product travels into the printer and under the print heads.


Accurate Feeding and Take-up
Optical sensors manage the feeding and take-up of roll to roll printed media. Consistent tension is achieved with the use of dancers bars and optical sensors. The sensors detect the media as it travels around the dancer bars and engage the drive motor to release media from the rear and gather media at the front.

Intuitive Onboard Interface

AEG Voyager's Print Perfekt software is purposely designed to enable ease of use and functionality, including printer function execution, live status and job control. 

Equipped with four emergency stop buttons on each corner (two on the front, two on the back).
UV blocking clear acrylic viewing cover.

Standard extras
• On-board computer with Print Perfekt software pre-installed.
• Air compressor
• Extension tables
Pneumatic Pinch Rollers
Pinch rollers are required to feed media through the printer. The AEG Voyager uses pneumatically controlled pinch rollers that offer varying pressure options from 2 bar to 4 bar that assist in minimising 'track' marks in pressure sensitive media.

Hold Media Firmly
A combination of the pneumatic pinch rollers and the powerful vacuum platen, media is held firmly to with the Voyager. The vacuum action removes wrinkles in roll to roll media across the platen for accurate dot placement and releases during feeding for precise stepping. 

Magnetic Drive
The AEG Voyager Pro incorporates a magnetic drive system removing the need of moving parts and lower the possibility of failure.

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