Digital Graphic Solutions has NEW in box old stock, used and demo stock of the Mimaki CJV30

NEW in box old stock Mimaki CJV30-60
$5,000.00 +GST

Mimaki CJV30-130
$6,500.00 +GST

Setting the standard for solvent printing.  
Mimaki CJV30 solvent printer and cutter is ideal for banner printing, canvas printing and vinyl printing. An all in one wide format digital printing and cutting solution for any sign shop or graphics supplier.

  Easy Production of Seals, Labels and Stickers

• Create seals, labels and stickers
• Simple production of high detailed A1 posters, promotional prints, POP displays and iron-on transfers

The CJV30-60 is designed to fulfil these requirements. The printing width of 600mm offers print service providers unmatched performance, productivity and efficiently in small format print. What's more, the CJV30-60 comes in at the attractive and very competitive price of...

  Print Service Providers for all Applications

• Create vivid, brilliant images for POP, indoor signage, outdoor signage.
• Impress with amazing wall art on canvas and wallpaper.

The CJV30-130 is ideal for most sign shops and printed graphics suppliers. The outstanding print quality and a printing width of 1300mm enables the CJV30-130to be the first choice amongst suppliers. Who can resist with this amazing price...


Automatic Media Clamp Function
The number of pinch rollers and their clamp pressures can be set from RIP software and pinch roller pressures automatically changed according to media. By raising the intermediate pinch rollers on both sides at the time of cutting, media peel-off after cutting is eliminated.
Enable unattended operation without manual intervention from start of printing to finished cutting. CJV30 automatically adjusts to ensure accurate media feed. The results in big quality finishing of both print and cut.

Continuous Crop Mark Detection Function 
A photo-sensor on the cutting head automatically reads the registration marks on the print to precisely position the cutter automatically. Even with a laminated print, contour cutting is performed with great accuracy.

UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)
When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge automatically begins to supply ink. Ink cartridges can be replaced during printing and overnight continuous printing is possible.
*UISS only works in 4 colour mode.
High Quality Prints with a Maximum Resolution of up to 1440dpi 
Highest resolution print output at 1440 dpi with three different dot sizes.
Generation of smooth and beautiful images without gaining, even when in four colour mode.

Reduced Delivery Times
High speed printing at a maximum speed of 17.5 ms/h (540 x 720 dpi, 4 colours) and in standard mode at 11.9 m2/h (540 x 1080 dpi, 4 colours). The symmetrical ink cartridge arrangement enables reliable and detailed high quality image generation even with bidirectional printing.


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