Digital Graphic Solutions has ex-demo stock of the Hollanders Color Booster
Ex-demo Hollanders Color Booster
$150,000.00 +GST

Purpose Engineered Textile Printer
Hollanders refine their focus and develop solutions specifically for digital textile printing. Delivering systems of the highest quality combined with low cost production.
The Hollanders ColorBooster series available in 2500mm wide and 3200mm, is developed from the ground up to meet the requirements of digital textile printing.

 • Industrial, low-cost highly productive textile printer
 • 2550mm and 3220mm width in a compact, ergonomic and rugged chassis
 • Option for integrated climate cooling and heating control
 • Option for integrated humidifying and dehumidifying system
 • Low energy disperse (sublimation) ink or high energy direct disperse dyes
 • Options for additional colours and extra throughput speed
 • Modular construction and upgrade choices to suit end user requirements
 • Ultimate print quality at the lowest cost per square metre
 • Highly durable printer for longevity and reliability

Home Interior Decoration Soft Signage and Flags 
The standard ColorBooster comes with 2 Ricoh MH5420 heads, 4 colour set-up and has the availability to upgrade it up to 6 heads (250 model) or 8 heads (320 model). It is specifically designed for soft signage applications, using standard CMYK dye sub inks. The starter edition offers a great alternative to PVC and vinyl printing using solvent, latex or UV curable inks.

With print heads and colour sets extended to cater for higher speeds and wider color gamut, these additions are specifically designed for all-round textile print producers, offering tools to adjust ink flow and print-through. There is also the option to add a dust and humidity control system that acclimatizes the machine.

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