Digital Graphic Solutions has ex-demo stock of the Mimaki JV400-160SUV
Ex-demo Mimaki JV400-160SUV
$10,000.00 +GST 
Advanced Ink Technology
Solvent UV Ink (SU100)
Solvent UV ink contains a solvent component and a UV ink component.
First, the solvent component attacks the acceptance layer of the media, fixing the pigment; the subsequent UV curing assures very high robustness.

Since printing is directly followed by curing, drying time is eliminated. Secondary processing can be done immediately after printing.
When using Mimaki Solvent UV inks, fixation and curing is immediate. It is therefore not necessary to worry about drying times. Immediately after printing, secondary processing, such as lamination, can be performed, dramatically increasing time and efficiency.
Never before seen glossiness
Solvent UV ink contains a solvent component which attacks the acceptance layer of the media, fixing the pigment. It performs UV curing, not when the ink is discharged but after the pigment is fixed to the media, all while maintaining the vivid colour reproduction of solvent ink, resulting in a coating-like smooth glossy print. Signs with solvent UV have a bold and vivid appearance with eye-catching quality.

Scratch resistance that everyone desires
A robust UV component remains on the media after UV curing, which provides a surprisingly strong scratch resistance (rub-fastness). Moreover, Solvent UV is equal to or better than solvent ink in weatherability and alcoholic resistance. In cases such as banner materials, where lamination is difficult and often omitted, considerable durability can be expected.

Rubbing 15 times with an eraser 
SUV ink Eco-Solvent ink
Almost no change on the print

The image is removed

 DGS has limited stock of the Mimaki JV400-160SUV are offering these amazing printers for at an incredibly low price.
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