Digital Graphic Solutions has used stock of the Mimaki JV5-160
Used Mimaki JV5-160 AS IS
Range from $1,000.00 - $5,000.00 +GST

JV5 Series enables high-quality printing at incredible speed. It takes only 90 seconds to print 1 square meter (10.76sq/ft) at 540 x 1,080dpi. The secret behind it lies in "high speed heads" composed of 180 x 8 lines of nozzles and "array of 4 staggered print heads" accomplished by excellent technical capability of Mimaki. A lineup of 1,375mm (54.13") and 1,630mm (64.17") in size. The advent of incredible high speed and high image quality.

Automatic change of double ink cartridges which results in 1.76 litres of ink per colour.
Automatic change of 2 cartridges per set and a maximum capacity of 1.76 litres ink per colour allows the JV5 to provide long consistent prints without concern about running out of ink.

Easy to use control Panel

Automatic nozzle-out detection prevents waste caused by defective prints
Automatic nozzle-out detection function reduces the loss of media and wasted ink by choosing to either discontinue printing, or to re-clean the print heads when nozzle-out is detected.

A large Post-heater enables high speed printing.
A Large-sized Post-heater in addition to the Pre-heater and Print heater provides consistent, high quality prints on untreated vinyl media and provides adequate drying for the media take-up device.
High quality and high speed printing by the newly developed 4 staggered print heads.
The JV5 series, which has new print heads equipped with 1,440 nozzles (180 nozzles x 8 lines), features a print stroke of 4 inches (four time wider than the inline alignment) by arranging 4 one inch print heads in an array of four staggered lines. Through adopting variable dot technology, an amazing print speed of 40 /hr 430sq.ft/hr with a new high quality print mode of 540 x 1080dpi designed for short distance viewed graphics & photography.

Automatic detection of media thickness and self-adjustment of the head height.
Detection of media thickness is automatically adjusted to a specified head height gap, which provides the best print quality when a new media (with a different thickness) is used.

DGS has limited stock of the Mimaki JV5-160 are offering these amazing printers for at an incredibly low price.
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