Digital Graphic Solutions has an ex-demo Mimaki TX400
Ex-demo Mimaki TX400
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Digital workflow
Substantial time savings and production time reduction from design to market enables fast response to clients orders.
No restriction in numbers of colours smooth gradations and high quality printing.
Ecologically viable printing as only the requires ink quantity is used for production. No excess water usage.

High quality print - different drop sizes
Ink drop sizes can be selected according to the substrate and the intended design so that sharp and exact reproduction is made possible.
Due to ink drops having different appearances on different substrates, test before hand and chose the appropriate drop size for each substrate.

Colour Modes and Variations
Sb210 Sublimation Dye Ink
4 Colour  
6 Colour  

Rc210 Reactive Dye Ink
8 Colour  

Ac200 Acid Dye Ink
8 Colour

 Ink Correspondence Chart
 Ink Type Cotton Rayon Flax Silk Nylon Polyester Transfer Paper
Sb200 Sublimation Dye Ink               
Rc200 Reactive Dye Ink               
Ac200 Acid Dye Ink               

Continuous Print - Ink Supply

Bulk ink system
16 loading slots for 2L ink container each, therefore in 4 colour mode a maximum of 8L per colour is available. 

UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)
Mimaki's UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) will automatically switch whenever one ink container is empty to the other ink container of the same colour. in addition, operators can exchange the ink containers even when the printer is at work. Therefore the UISS enables long continuous print runs.

Empty ink containers are automatically switched and ink supply starts from the 2nd container of the same colour

Continuous Print - Media Transport System

Direct Printing Transfer Sublimation Printing
Web tension is ensured by movable delivery/retraction bars that absorb tension differences and stabilise substrates so that high quality printing is made possible. Setting the transfer spacer at the platen and displacing the free roller on the low position, the media will be sloped, reducing media wrinkles. 

Speed Chart

RasterLink Pro 5 TA RIP Software
 TX400-1800's broad functionality is fully supported by this advanced software RIP

• 16 bit rendering enables smooth gradations
• Ink drop size can be selected from the RIP
• Corresponds to colour chart for easy colour matching
• Automatically changes between CMYK mode and BMYK mode depending on the selected profile
•Easily achieves both software updates and profile download via web update function.

[ 8 bit rendering ]
Tone jump is likely to occur in gradation.

[ 16 bit rendering ]
Smooth gradation without tone jump

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