Digital Graphic Solutions has ex-demo stock of Mimaki UJF-3042HG
Ex-demo Mimaki UJF-3042HG
From $8,500.00 +GST

Increase your product options with the  Mimaki UJF-3042HG. You can now print directly to almost any product up to 150mm thick.

Print onto a variety of different materials from plastics, glass, and metals for almost unlimited applications. The 1,440 X 1,200 dpi, variable dot technology, with minimum drop size of 4 pl, achieves impressive high quality images.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

UV LED curing technology

Printing onto heat sensitive media is now achievable with the use of UV LED. Remove any concerns of product deformation and/or discolouration as UV LED does not generate heat when curing the ink. From thin PVC through to metal products, the UJF-3042FX will provide consistent print quality

Environmentally friendly technology

UV LED offers decisive energy saving, longer diode lifetime and a close to no VOC* printing environment.
*VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds

Simultaneous white over and under printing

Print outstandingly colourful, bright images on transparent and coloured substrates with white ink under or over print.
The 2 staggered print head arrangement enables simultaneous printing of colour and white without compromising the print speed.

State of the art functions

MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) was developed and designed to circulate the white ink formulations of the pigment in the fluid reservoir and ink path.

Advantages of less white ink maintenance down time and avoids clogging issues while in the bulk ink receptacle and overall getting of white UV LED inks.
*MCT works only with white ink.
Without white ink as a basis for over printing, the colours are not as vivid as they could be.

With the white ink overlay print, the image is bright and vivid.

Direct printing of variable data on everything

UJF-3042FX ensures that you can respond to your clients requirements for a single or short run. Digital printing enhancing a multitude of products (including mod led items), substrates and media up to 50mm thickness with personalised messages
Add value with glossy and layered finishes 

Add value to your prints by using clear ink to create glossy finishes and to further protect your image.
Mimaki Spray Suppressor System

Equipped with Mimaki Spray Suppressor System, which prevents satellite ink drops, the UJF-3042FX ensures higher print reliability, consistency and quality.

  Benefits over pad and screen printing

 • Direct printing of full colour images + white
 • Variable data printing and imprinting for 
 • Quick set-up and fast printing for immediate deliveries
 • Easy handling

Automatic primer application function

Usually primers are applied separately in a manual application process, but the UJF-3042FX incorporates an automatic primer application function. The new inkjet primer cartridges are simply inserted into the corresponding ink slot, enabling the primer to specifically target the print image area only.
* Inkjet primer cannot be used in conjunction with LF-200 inks. 


Three different ink types available
Ink Type LH-100 LF-140 LF-200
Feature Excels in scratch and chemical resistance as well as colour reproduction. Ideal for substrates that do not require bending or folding during post-processing.
Strong gradation in six colour printing (CMYK + LcLm) with reducing granular appearance. The ink is more flexible than LH-100 ink thus making it less likely to crack during post-processing. Enable stretching of ink up to 200% during post-processing work. No cracking of printed image without breaking the cured ink surface
Application Products which need scratch & solvent resistance such as boards, panels and electronic chassis. Products which need bendability such as soft plastic products, leather products, panels and photo prints. Products which need flexibility such as decorative film, membrane switch and so on.
Colour 4-Colour (C,M,Y,K) + W,Cl,Pr 6-Colour (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm) + W,Cl,Pr 4-Colour (C,M,Y,K) + WW
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