Unifol 3980 performing perfectly on the Mimaki SIJ-320UV LED printer.

Unifol 3980 digital printing film is a cadmium free monomeric self-adhesive PVC film specially designed for digital printing applications.
With a bright white point and the ability to handle mid to high printing temperatures without rippling, the Unifol 3980 film is the 'go-to' film for your graphic printing needs.

3980 - White Gloss
3982 - Clear Gloss (laminating film and printable clear)
3988 - White Gloss Grey Adhesive


The 3980 monomeric digital printing films have excellent printing quality with its 0.080mm PVC thickness and is suitable for solvent, ECO-solvent, UV and latex technology. The 138mg/sqm kraft clay-coated release liner eliminates any contortion or distortion during the printing process.  Online store Coming Soon

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