Why Test Draw

by: Stephen Crichton on

You know the function is there, and your supplier has probably told you to do it regularly. But why? So often I receive calls from clients telling me that they are seeing banding in their print. The first question I ask them is "what does your test draw look like" I still find it surprising that operators don't perform a test draw before they start printing for the day. It's almost like not checking your fuel gauge before going on a long drive. So what is it and why is it important? The test draw is a pattern that is made up s  ...read more

Order Bordeaux Ink Online

by: Stephen Crichton on

Order Bordeaux Ink Online Do you use Bordeaux ink in your Mimaki®, Roland® or Mutoh®? Now you can order your ink online through our new online store. Easily order and pay. No need for phone calls, emails or faxes. Try ordering online for your next order!   ...read more